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High Definition • Extended Mixes and DJ/VJ Tools • Excellent Service

We Provide our Members with Mixable Music Video DJ/VJ Tools. We also remove all the breakdowns, skits, talking and sound effects to make the video as club friendly as possible with Intros and Outros (Applies to SmashVision Tools). VJ-Pro™ most comprehensive source of fully licensed music video content, serving the music industry and non-broadcast professionals exclusively since 2004.

  • Largest Selection of Extended Mixes and DJ/VJ Tools
  • High Definition and Standard Definition Videos are Available
  • All Videos are Drag and Drop Ready for Virtual DJ and Serato/Scratch Live
  • Highest Standards In Audio & Visual Quality
  • Highest Standards In Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily Updates
  • Largest Fully Licensed Content Library & Archives 50,000+

Since 2004, VJ-Pro has provided its trusted music video promotional services to its hundreds of record label partners in placing their content on digital-signage networks, in-store visual displays, malls, hotels, restaurants, airlines, nightclubs, resorts, cruise lines, theme parks, recreation & hospitality venues, university & college campuses, US Military MWR facilities and other closed circuit public performance applications within the United States and its territories. If you've seen it on an open public screen, chances are you already know us. Our label partners enjoy an average of well over 4.5 million significant direct to consumer visual and auditory impressions monthly of their artists and priority releases.

We promote and distribute our content under specific licenses granted by the original copyright holders, for use of their works by our subscribers in ASCAP, BMI and SESAC compliant venues in the United States and its territories for public performance display.

If you are a video programming professional, a venue owner or a professional DJ/VJ and wish to apply for our service, please read on....

How VJ-Pro works

DVD, Data-disc or Download?

VJ-Pro supplies programming to qualified professional video programmers via both disc based and direct to system downloads. Please review your options carefully before choosing which method of service is right for you. Pricing options vary according to service format. Please read below as to pricing packages or refer to our FAQ page.

For disc based servicing (DVD or Data-disc), please review our Document Download section or contact us directly at info@vj-pro.com. Programming genre options are viewable on our Programs page

For multi-venue, multi-system, large library orders, or multi-national venue servicing, please contact us directly for service options, licensing guidelines and pricing.

For Direct to System Download access for single venue or single end user applications, you may apply for an account by following the instructions below:


Please supply all of your information within the application spaces provided on the registration page. It is important that you complete the entire application. Any missing information, unverifiable, patently false or incomplete entries will result in your application being denied.

Once you have completed the registration application, you will shortly receive a notice of either acceptance or denial by us via the email address you have provided. In some cases you may also receive a phone call from us to verify your application, if we so determine it necessary. Therefore it is very important that your information be accurate and complete.

Application Approved

Once you have received a notice of approval of your application, you may activate your account by clicking on the web link provided in the email sent to you by us. Therefore it is imperative that your email address be correct and one that you check frequently. From there you may complete your account, customize your settings and upon purchase you will have access our assets.

Application Denied

The most common reason for this is missing or unverifiable information on a registration application. You may appeal this decision by re-applying through the registration page, or you may contact us directly at info@vj-pro.com and we will do our best to assist you further. NOTE: All applications are manually checked by our staff for veracity of information submitted. Providing false, misleading or less than verifiable information will result in a rejection of your registration application.

Discs? Or Downloads?

VJ-Pro is available on either standard DVD, or MPG4 data disc, or by individual MPG4 music video download to registered and active subscribers. The choice is up to you. Direct to system downloads are available via our secure and proprietary servers. For this service you must register on this site.

VJ-Pro Disc based service is distributed via mail, UPS or Federal Express depending upon your preference. All DVD's are glass mastered and factory replicated. All data discs are created in line with the same high production standards. Discs are distributed at the top of each month and arrive on or about the 5th of each month of release, depending upon weekends and holidays as they may effect the carriers and our production schedules.

Terms, Pricing & Fees

For Direct to System Downloads, you may select from the payment option that best suits your needs:

Silver Package20 Credits$ 29.99(only $1.50 ea.)
Gold Package50 Credits$ 59.99(only $1.20 ea.) Save Over 20%
Platinum Package100 Credits$ 99.99(only $ .99 ea.) Save Over 35%
Diamond Package200 Credits$129.99(only $ .65 ea.) Save Over 55%
Library Package500 Credits$249.99(only $ .50 ea.) Save Over 65%

A Base Subscription fee of $19.99 is due and automatically payable each subscription month. Your Base Subscription fee keeps your account active and accessible, and provides you with five (5) complimentary download credits for each subscription month, along with a single venue client license.

Additional assets are available as single credit purchases should you need them. Discounts are available for library orders and other volume purchases. Please contact us for details and quotes.

For DVD or data discs, our fees average $35.00 per program, with substantial discounts available for multiple program subscriptions and library orders.

VJ-Pro accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & Paypal. For invoicing privileges, and/or multiple system or multiple venue licenses, please email us for further information at info@vj-pro.com.

Label Services

If you are a record label, or the primary copyright holder of music driven video properties wishing representation by VJ-Pro to our vast network of exposure options, please have your promotions department or your independent video promoter email us at info@vj-pro.com. We will be happy to assist you.

For further detailed information about our services, please visit our FAQ page.

Sales & Customer Service, and General Inquiries

Email: info@vj-pro.com