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What is VJ-Pro?

VJ-Pro is the largest aggregator and distributor of music video content in the United States, serving music and non-broadcast video professionals within the United States, its protectorates and territories. We represent literally hundreds of record labels worldwide and we supply their music video content for performance in all qualified out-of-home/digital signage networks, to professional DJ/VJ's, for nightclubs, restaurants, recreation and hospitality venues, and to any and all qualified ASCAP. BMI. SESAC (PRO) compliant venues and locations wherein music video is displayed on a promotional, "non-pay for play" basis as defined by US Copyright Law, Title 17 of the US Code. We have been in operation since 2004 and enjoy fully compliant licensing status with literally all of our music video content suppliers.

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I am a SmashVidz client. What has happened to my subscription?

In February of 2012, VJ-Pro merged SmashVidz into its family of programming, making VJ-Pro the largest and most powerful fully licensed source for professional music video sourcing in the industry. SmashVidz is now SmashVision and their community information page is listed here SmashVision.com. All of their incredible tools, remixes, versions and quality that you have come to rely upon are now available through VJ-Pro exclusively and may be accessed through the SmashVision section of our Programs.

Your SmashVidz account will function on VJ-Pro.com, however you must use your email address as your login name, as your previous user name will not function. Your password from SmashVidz remains the same and you may use it to login.

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Our Privacy Policy

At Lodestar Entertainment, the security and integrity of our customers personal information is important to us. We take every reasonable measure necessary to protect the privacy of our customers while providing the high level of service they expect.

Personal Information Collected By Lodestar Entertainment

Lodestar Entertainment uses information that we collect from our visitors and customers to personalize and improve your visit and experience on our site. We gather the following types of information:

Information You Give to Us: We Collect Personal Information that is provided by site users. Personal Information includes your name, address, telephone number, credit or debit card information, e-mail address, and your IP address. Personal Information is collected when you establish an account with us; place an order on the site, or when you communicate with any of our departments such as customer service, sales or technical services through the site, telephone, mail or fax.

Transactional Information: We retain your payment information on our secure servers for the purpose of applicable automatic payments for your subscription, and for your convenience in purchasing download credits. This information is encoded and encrypted utilizing a 448 bit key blowfish cypher (the identical encryption system utilized by the banking industry). At all times your information is protected and upon your instructions or termination of your account, this information is deleted in its entirety from our systems. For further information regarding our security protocols, please contact us directly.

Cookies: Through the use of cookies, we may also collect and analyze the IP address used to connect your computer to the Internet; computer and connection information such as your browser type and version; operating system and platform; purchase history; confirmation when you open e-mail that we send you; and the URLs which lead you to and around the Site including the date and time. You can generally set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when you are sent a cookie. Software is also available from third parties, which will allow you to visit the Site without providing this information. You are welcome to use the Site if you use such software but we will not be able to offer you our personalized services and we will be unable to accept any online orders from you.

Orders: If you place an order through our site, you will be required to provide contact, billing, and payment information.

Sharing of Information with Third Parties

Lodestar Entertainment does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual or as required by law. Lodestar Entertainment retains personal information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.

Credit Card Companies

If you place an order through our site, the Personal Information you provide is transmitted to your credit card company to verify and authorize your purchase.


If you make a hard goods purchase through the site, your name, telephone number and shipping information must be provided to third party shippers such as UPS, FEDEX and the United States Postal Service to deliver your purchase.

Links to Third Party Sites

The site contains certain links to third party websites, such as our industry partners. We are not responsible or liable for the privacy practices or content found on these websites. We recommend that you check the privacy notice of each website you visit. Links to third party websites are provided solely for your convenience and any submission of data to such websites shall be at your sole risk.


We employ 256-bit encryption technology in all areas of the site which require you to provide personal or account information, including those areas related to online ordering. You should recognize, however, that no computer system is fully secure and that there are inherent risks associated with Internet transactions. To make sure you have the latest security features on your browser, you may want to download the most recent version of your favorite browser, which should have full SSL support.

Children and Privacy

The Site is a music industry professionals only website and is not directed to children under the age of 13. We will never knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 without verifiable parental consent. If you are under the age of 13, please do not provide us with personally identifiable information of any kind whatsoever.


Lodestar Entertainment takes all reasonable steps to ensure that customer information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Customers can challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and request amendments as appropriate.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Notice, please send us a message, or write to us at Lodestar Entertainment 166 Calder Hill Road, Otego, NY 13825 By using our site you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in this policy. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement and related business practices at any time by posting updated text on this site. Your continued use of our site constitutes acceptance of those changes. Thank you for visiting our site, and for taking the time to read this policy.

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VJ-Pro supplies music video content exclusively to professional non-broadcast video programmers who utilize music video in their displays and programs. We do not provide content, or make content available to the general public. You must register with us in order to be considered for service by us and to view all features on this site. Please complete the registration process and your application will be promptly reviewed in accordance with the terms of usage as defined by our label partners and copyright holders. If your application has been denied, please review all of the information that you have provided to us to ensure that it complete and accurate. If you need further assistance in this process, please contact us directly via info@vj-pro.com and we will assist you directly.

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What are your terms of service and pricing?

VJ-Pro is a monthly subscription service. Each month, we provide the latest in music video releases from our hundreds of partner music video providers directly to our clients on a variety of both disc and digital formats. We charge reasonable fees for our services which are based upon the volume of content required and the length of a subscription term. We do not provide content on a piece meal or one-off basis. Our pricing is based upon download credit packages as follows:

Silver Package20 Credits$ 29.99(only $1.50 ea.)
Gold Package50 Credits$ 59.99(only $1.20 ea.) Save Over 20%
Platinum Package100 Credits$ 99.99(only $ .99 ea.) Save Over 35%
Diamond Package200 Credits$129.99(only $ .65 ea.) Save Over 55%
Library Package500 Credits$249.99(only $ .50 ea.) Save Over 65%

A Base Subscription fee of $19.99 is due and automatically payable each subscription month. Your Base Subscription fee keeps your account active and accessible, and provides you with five (5) complimentary download credits for each subscription month, along with a single venue client license.

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How many videos can I get?

Each month we release approximately 500 + new music video releases from our label partners. Combine that with our 55,000 titles (and growing) archives and it becomes clear that we are the most comprehensive source for professionals seeking music video content for their displays and events. Each subscriber can receive all, or simply the clips that they need. We have service plans to accommodate any budget and to meet any requirement.

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What is "Public Performance?"

Stated simply and for the purposes of VJ-Pro's applications, Public Performance is defined as the display and/or playback of any pre-recorded musical or music driven audio/visual works within a venue or location that is open to the general public at large and where no direct fee is charged to listen and/or view the musical or audio/visual works (i.e. a movie theater), and the public does not choose the material that is being performed (i.e. a jukebox). Further, and as defined by US Copyright law as well as the terms of our partner content suppliers, all content distributed by VJ-Pro may only be performed and/or displayed in ASCAP, BMI and SESAC compliant venues and locations. VJ-Pro distributes its content on a promotional basis, under individual or affiliate license with each individual content provider and under such defined terms. Please refer to the US Copyright Code for further definitions, contact your relative PRO licensors or contact us directly for further information. VJ-Pro assets are not for use in any web streaming, network or cable broadcast performance, digital or hard goods re-sale, or for any use by any third party or commercial or non-profit enterprise outside of VJ-Pro's content provider's defined terms of content use. Please register for an account with us, or contact us directly via info@vj-pro.com for further information on these restrictions.

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What is your quality like?

VJ-Pro is considered the benchmark in music video content quality, employing the highest bit rates and resolution standards available within non-broadcast applications. We supply our content on standard DVD as well as hi-resolution MPG2 (VOB) and MPG4 (H.264) formats, and we unconditionally guarantee our quality of assets to surpass any competitor's offerings. Please register with us in order to acquire a sample of our content.

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Do you provide remixes with intros and out-tros?

Each month VJ-Pro releases a large assortment of remixes, mash-ups, blends and tools with the live mixing DJ/VJ in mind, along with our standard "radio versions" of the latest releases from the top and up and coming artists in every genre. Intros and out-tros are present in our remixes, all of which are fully cleared, exclusive to VJ-Pro and simply cannot to be found anywhere else or through any competing provider. Please check our Programs page for descriptions of each category and genre.

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Do you meta tag your videos with artist and titles?

Yes, we meta-tag all of our content for easy classification according to Artist - Song Title, Genre, BPM and Year of Release. This allows for easy access by all music categorization and search engine features on all major music video software playback platforms.

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Do you put big watermarks all over your videos?

No. We do not place distracting visible watermarks throughout our content. We do however list the artist, song title, label and our discreet logo on the lower left hand portion of the screen in compliance with our label partner's directives. We also protect our provider's content from mis-use by employing a variety of proprietary methods both digital and terrestrial. However these methods do not distract or degenerate the visual and audio quality of our content as they are completely undetectable to the eye and ear.

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How do you deliver your content? Is it by disc or can I download it?

VJ-Pro is available on both. We provide our content on hard disc formats (DVD and data discs) and also via secure, keyed digital transfer, visible and accessible on this site only to registered users. In order to access any of our formats, either hard disc or digital, each client must be fully registered and maintain an active account with us. Please register for an account with us, or contact us directly via info@vj-pro.com for further information.

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Are you legal?

Yes. VJ-Pro prides itself on being fully licensed with all of its label partners. We maintain current licensing to accommodate evolving usage platforms and demand full clearance for each release we represent. Conversely, we maintain strict standards as to the usage of the music video content we distribute and we police these usages through a variety of methods (both digital and terrestrial) and audits. Mis-use of the content that we provide can result in both civil and criminal charges being levied against any individual who mis-uses, resells, illegally re-distributes our content. We enjoy a strong reputation of protecting the content supplied to us by our partner labels and copyright holders and observing their terms of usage dictates, and protecting their rights. Please contact us directly via info@vj-pro.com for further information.

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Do you provide custom programming? Can I pick the videos?

Yes? and, Yes. Choosing individual music videos for custom programming can be accomplished through our secure digital acquisition feature. Please register for access to this feature. As well, while VJ-Pro breaks out its hard disc programming according to genre, era and demographic profiles, we also provide "styling" and "custom programming services" as well. Please contact us directly via info@vj-pro.com for pricing and further information about this service.

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My account was terminated or my registration was denied, or revoked. Why?

If your application for an account was denied, or your active account was terminated, in order to appeal this you must contact us directly, via email at info@vj-pro.com.

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Do you have any other distributors?

Yes. We do supply music video content to a select group of legitimate promotional music distributors who re-brand VJ-Pro to in own image. We respect our distributors privacy in this matter and must therefore decline to list their brand names here. If you are interested in further information on this, please contact us directly via info@vj-pro.com .

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Video Previews Information

VJ-Pro video clips are a preview file only, and preview windows will close in approximately 30 seconds. Video Previews are not provided for the purposes of web based entertainment and are displayed under fair use doctrines and protocols as established by our record label partners. The videos have been edited to 30 seconds in length for previewing purposes, and it is not representative of the actual full length music video asset. To acquire any video in its full length, end-user version, please select this title from the relative playlist and then proceed to your Download Page for acquisition, or you may select the Download Now option. This preview is made available to registered vj-pro public performance music video programming professionals only. All primary ownership and associated rights of all vj-pro assets remain the property of the original copyright holders.

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Browser Requirements/Recommendations

VJ-Pro 2.0 works on both Macs and PCs. Recommended browser for VJ-Pro 2.0 is Google Chrome, however, it is compatible with FireFox, Safari 5 or higher and Internet Explorer 9 or higher.