IMPORTANT UPDATE (10/4/2022): Ok so our entire team is safe, we mostly had exterior damage to our office and homes, thankfully no water damage. We’re supposed to have on the grid power at the office by October 9th. But we have already began programming and production. Between a generator, portable AC and Starlink we will have some content up by this weekend, and we’ll be in full swing by next week! (October 10th)

Thank you everyone for your patience. And as a side note, construction of the new Fortress office began last month which will have off grid solar power. So Hurricane Ian shall be the last to disrupt our production to this level. Please reach out with any concerns that you may have!

IMPORTANT ALERT (9/29/2022): Our production studio in Southwest Florida is down this week due to Hurricane Ian, which has taken down our power and internet. We should be back to normal on Monday the week of October 3rd. All other web services are still working, but there will be a delay in new released content. We are available if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

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NOTICE: VJ-Pro™ is an "industry only" resource for programming professionals. Public inquiries are not accepted.